Tips For Furnishing Your Home Office: Workspace

Many Texans have now been working from home for months, with some companies even pushing to make work from home their regular status for employees. If you’re one of the many Texans working from home, you might be finding that your home office is starting to need a refresh after several months of use.

You’ve rearranged and added or subtracted furnishings, but some things you just can’t do without in a home office. Below are our suggestions for furnishing your office so it works for you while you’re working from home.

Designated Workspace
As many “How To Work From Home” articles tell you, the first step in promoting comfort and productivity in your home office is having a designated workspace. Decide what space will serve as your office and keep it clean and organized so that it’s easy to work from. An easy way to do this is using a desk that serves your organization needs and a chair that’s comfortable to use for several hours a day.

The Perfect Desk
There are a wide variety of desk types so you’ll have plenty of options for finding the perfect one for your home office.

From elegant L-shaped executive desks to conservative writing desks, the best piece for your office is out there. Before picking the desk you want, keep a few things in mind:

How much space do you have?
Do you want the desk to match your existing furniture?
How much desktop space do you need?
Answer these questions before starting your search for a desk in order to narrow the options down to what you really need. Someone with a significant computer setup may need a desk with more space to spread out like an L-shaped desk offers. Someone looking for writing space and compact storage may need a rolltop desk.

Looking for an L-shaped desk? Try our Victorian Collection.

Looking for a rolltop desk? Try our Berkley Rolltop Desk.

Looking for a writing desk? Try our Writer’s Series Shakespeare Desk.

A Comfortable Desk Chair
When your professional obligations require you to be at your desk for several hours a day, an uncomfortable chair can become unbearable. Constant discomfort can even affect your productivity. Getting a comfortable desk chair that will last a long time is an investment that can make a huge difference in your work day.

Most desk chairs have an option to adjust their height so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about the size of your chair working with your desk height. There are still several design options to choose between to ensure there’s something perfectly comfortable for everyone. Below are some of the most popular designs:

Desk chair with short back – Some people prefer to be able to lean back or tilt their head back while at their desk. For this, a desk chair with a shorter backrest may be the peak of comfort. This design is comfortable and allows a lot of freedom of movement for those that prefer it.

Sound comfortable? Check out our Midland Side Chair.

Desk chair with full back – If you prefer having a chair with a full back and headrest, choose a desk chair with a taller back. This provides support for those wanting to lean back into their desk chair while contemplating their workspace.

Sound comfortable? Check out our Mission Side Desk Chair.

Desk chair with arms – In addition to back length, whether a desk chair has arms or not can make a significant difference in comfort to different users. If you prefer a place to comfortably rest your arms during your workday, this is a great choice.

Sound comfortable? Check out our Mission Office Chair.

Begin Your Search
Ready to begin the search for the perfect office workspace? Start with Amish furniture. American-made, beautiful, and made to last for generations, Amish pieces will be the last office furniture you ever have to bring home. Visit Amish Oak in Texas at one of our furniture stores in San Antonio or New Braunfels, TX to see a wide selection of handcrafted Amish furniture.


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