Best Furniture Stores in San Antonio, Texas

When it comes to furnishing your home, San Antonio is not short on shopping options. Out of the many things we possess in a lifetime, few items tell the world who we are more than our homes. Out of the many tools and accoutrements required to furnish a house, furniture is perhaps the largest category. From the ottoman that supports your weary feet to the table where your loved ones gather, each piece tells the story of a lifestyle – yours. It’s worth investing in quality furniture that will last a lifetime, maybe longer, and look good doing it. Here are a few of San Antonio’s best furniture stores to help you accomplish that.

San Antonio store location

Amish Oak in Texas

Quality, customization, and convenience blend seamlessly at Amish Oak in Texas. With two locations at 2141 NW Loop 410 and 1602 N. 1604 W, Suite 101, they present a broad array of furniture for the whole house and beyond. Their slogan, “American furniture built to last a lifetime,” is a brief but accurate description of their business model. Amish craftsmen carefully construct each piece with skills and techniques that have been carried from generation to generation. Unlike furniture purchased at box stores, there is no assembly required after purchasing, and each item is built with solid wood and without shortcuts. If that isn’t reason enough to choose Amish Oak in Texas over a mass produced item, custom ordering to perfectly suite your space is always available!

Bob Mills Furniture

Bob Mills Furniture stocks furniture as well as mattresses and other household furnishings. While 12621 W. I-10 is their only San Antonio location, they have multiple locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. If you’re searching for traditional furnishings with a touch of elegance, this is the place to go.

Citrine Home

Citrine Home (4119 McCullough Avenue) is as zesty, refreshing, and eclectic as its name suggests, while remaining classy and stylish. They stock new furniture as well as rare vintage items. If you want to brighten up an area, put some zing in an otherwise normal décor style, or invest in an entire room makeover, Citrine Home has you covered!

Joyeux Home Décor

Joyeux Home Décor is housed inside a 10,000 square foot barn at 5007 McCullough Avenue. Owners Jack and Dy Lynne Dabney have invested their talent and heart into building their business and their dream. Jack and Dy Lynne, owner of a construction company and an interior designer respectively, combine their individual tastes and talents into a striking presentation of modern and antique which is evergreen, always elegant, and never dull.

Stowers Furniture

Stowers Furniture (210 W. Rector Dr., San Antonio) has a long history of serving the San Antonio area’s home furnishing needs for over 100 years. They offer a variety of furniture in adult and youth sizes through an impressive medley of brands. Mattresses, rugs, wall decor, furniture accessories such as slipcovers, and much more are also showcased at their storefront. Other services provided include complimentary design assistance to ensure you find the right items to match your style and budget; custom upholstery; and an online, digital room planner.

From traditional to innovative, San Antonio has a furniture store to satisfy any style. No matter your taste, quality is always trendy and instantly elevates any design to its finest.


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