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The Amish are part of a culture steeped in tradition. They are raised to use their hands to work hard, give nothing less than their best and believe that all they need to sustain them and their families is found in nature’s bounties.

Parents have passed on to them skills and trades that have survived for many generations.

Our Team at Amish Oak In Texas invites you to stop by one of our showrooms in San Antonio or New Braunfels today and see firsthand the heirloom quality and beauty of what just might be the last piece of furniture you ever have to buy! It’s just that good!

"American furniture built to last a lifetime"

Amish woodworking from generation to generation

Woodworking…the art of cutting, sanding, carving, turning, bending, joining and finishing natural wood species to create something useful, beautiful and totally unique.

Amish woodworking skills are passed down from generation to generation, resulting in some of the best furniture in Texas. Oak, Maple, Hickory, Elm and other native woods are carefully selected and painstakingly crafted into functional works of art for the home.

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