Furniture to Accommodate Your Guests for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s almost time for delicious holiday food and quality time with families and loved ones as we celebrate the things we’re thankful for. However, if you’re planning on hosting gatherings, you might already be feeling some anxiety setting in as you start to plan and prepare for family and friends to visit from near and far.

There’s plenty to plan and prepare for—from decorating around the house to planning activities and delicious meals to entertain your guests, you will have a lot on your plate.

As you think of ways to make your home cozier for the holidays, don’t forget to ensure you have plenty of comfortable and functional furniture for your guests to enjoy! If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your tables, chairs, sofas, or occasional furniture, now may be the perfect time!

The right furniture can make your guests feel right at home and add comfort to any activities you have planned, from a spacious dining room table to spread a holiday feast across, to a cozy living room area for movie marathons and late-night board game sessions.

New Tables for the Holidays

Bridgeport Dining Room Furniture Collection

Bridgeport Dining Room Furniture Collection

Having enough table space and seating for your guests to be comfortable is one of the most important factors to consider before hosting for the holidays. If you’re worried you may not have enough surface area for your guests to set down their drinks, or enough space at the table to accommodate all your guests, now is the perfect time to make some upgrades or add some furniture to your home!

Dining Room Table Upgrades

For many, the dining room plays a central role during holiday get-togethers. It’s the place where friends and family can gather to make memories while sharing stories and laughs over a delicious holiday feast. If you’re finding that your current setup may not comfortably accommodate all your guests for the upcoming holiday season, don’t worry! You still have time and plenty of options to consider before your guests arrive.

If you have a small table that you’ve been meaning to upgrade to a larger option, now could be the perfect time. Just be sure to factor in the size of your dining room so it doesn’t feel cramped. If you have the space, a bigger table can be handy not just for the upcoming season, but a good investment for entertaining family and guests year-round. A spacious table with comfortable seating can help to set the mood for family dinners, as well as provide a surface for gift wrapping, board games, working, and more. Take a look at some of our featured Dining Room collections here.

However, if you have a small apartment or a dining room area without a lot of space, then getting a bigger table may not be the best option for your needs. Instead, you might want to consider adding secondary tables and surfaces around your home, such as a coffee table and side tables.

Coffee Tables, End Tables & Side Tables

amish made living room furniture

Houston Living Room Furniture Collection

If you have limited space that makes a larger dining room table and more chairs an unfeasible option, don’t worry! Many people who host guests for the holidays simply don’t have the dining room area needed to seat every guest comfortably—and that’s okay! Even large spaces with bigger tables and more seating are often not spacious enough for bigger get-togethers.

In these cases, adding extra table space through additional tables is the ideal way to ensure your guests are comfortable. Many guests are comfortable with sitting on couches or recliners (and a lot would prefer this option when given the choice!) so providing some coffee tables and end tables to set plates and drinks on is a great way to accommodate extra guests when not everyone will fit at the main table. Browse our featured Living Room collections here.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table is a great table to add in the center of your living room, near your couch and other chairs in the room. It’s handy for guests to set their plates and drinks on (be sure to provide coasters, and possibly placemats!), and can be an excellent spot to display books and magazines, candles, and other decorative items year-round.

End Tables

To add even more space for your guests, consider adding end tables next to your couch(es) as space permits. If you prefer to keep a more open area in your living room year-round, you can always treat these end tables as occasional furniture that you store when you don’t need them.

Side Tables

If you’re planning a big feast and have plans to have a lot of people over, you may already know that you won’t have enough space on your dining room table, it may be worth investing in a nice side table. These tables offer more surface area than end tables, and are designed to be positioned out of the way (unlike coffee tables). They’re perfect to set dishes out on so that your guests can help themselves, without cluttering your other table space.

Seating for Your Holiday Guests

Artesa Living Room Collection

Artesa Living Room Collection

Having enough table space is one thing, but having enough seating is another important factor to keep in mind. For the dining room, many medium and large-sized tables have enough space to comfortably seat 6-8+ people. If you have a bar area, adding some extra bar chairs can provide the seating your guests need to be comfortable.

If you have a large enough living room, the holiday season may be the perfect time to consider upgrading your couch to allow for more seating—a great investment for entertaining more guests throughout the year. Or maybe you’ve been meaning to pick up a recliner or a new loveseat… both are great options to add some extra comfort to your home.

If you’re on a tight budget or limited space, foldable chairs can be a good option as well. They aren’t as comfortable as other options, but can be handy in a pinch (and can be stored away nicely).

Sleeping Options for Your Guests

Herrington Bedroom Collection

Herrington Bedroom Collection

If you have guests that are coming in from out of town, ensuring they have a comfortable place to sleep is important. Hotels are always an option, but helping them save money and spend more time with you and your other guests is nice if you’re able to accommodate them.

If you have a spare room, this season could be the perfect time to convert it into a guest room with a bed. Depending on space, you might even be able to provide a few inflatable mattresses to allow multiple guests to spend a night or two. View our featured Bedroom collections for some inspiration!

Of course, couches and recliners can work for a night—they won’t provide the comfort of more traditional bed options but can work in a pinch if your guests need a place to sleep!

Final Thoughts

The holidays are an exciting time, but they can be stressful. Hosting guests involves a lot of planning, from events and activities to meals, gift planning, and more. One thing to consider before the holiday stress kicks in is to ensure you’ll have enough seating, table space, and sleeping options for your guests. If you’ve been meaning to upgrade or add more furniture, now is the perfect time! It’s an investment that will pay off during the upcoming holidays, and for years to come.

If you’re in the San Antonio or New Braunfels area, stop by Amish Oak in Texas today to browse our beautiful selection furniture. From new kitchen tables and chairs to couches, coffee tables, occasional furniture, we have everything you need to improve your home and wow your guests this holiday season.


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