Keeping Your Furniture Safe from Pets

Do you own a pet? If that’s the case, furniture damage due to wear is unavoidable and will become a part of life. If you’ve shared your home with furry friends for a long time, you’ve likely seen claw marks on upholstery, chewed up table corners, an endless supply of shed fur, and more. Even if pets are trained, they’re still animals. As a result, they will participate in some species-specific habits regardless of how well-behaved they are.

If you’ve invested in solid wood, heirloom-quality furniture, you’ll want to be able to enjoy it for decades to come. How can you preserve your furniture from being ruined by pets? You can help prevent damage by taking a few simple pet precautions.

Invest in Pet-Friendly Furniture

Even though no furniture is completely pet resistant, some options are safer than others. Consider furniture with zipped pillow coverings and upholstery made from removable or wipe-clean materials, since they are simpler to clean. If you have pets at home, you may want to avoid furniture with delicate upholstery that needs to be professionally cleaned.

Durability and endurance are important factors to check when it comes to tables, chairs, cabinets, and other types of furniture, and it isn’t difficult to guess why. An active dog can easily break a cheap table or shelving that’s not firmly attached to the wall. Therefore, always choose furniture that is well-built, sturdy and long-lasting to minimize pet damage. Solid wood is a great option because of its durability.

When buying furniture, ensure it can bear the weight of your pet. Hardy, well-built furniture is more sturdy and less prone to be damaged.

Additionally, keep in mind that some pets, such as dogs, can break glass furniture. As a result, such furniture may not be your best option. Furthermore, broken glass might hurt your pet in addition to causing damage to your table. Instead, choose furniture with dog-friendly upholstery such as leather or microfiber, but make sure to file the sharp points of your pet’s claws frequently. They can easily tear leather and other upholstery materials on your furniture.

Maintain Proper Grooming

So, how does pet grooming relate to furniture? Did you know that frequently groomed pets shed less fur than poorly groomed pets? As mentioned above, you should cut their nails if they start to tear your new sofa’s upholstery. Make sure to get a brush that is appropriate for your pet. Before purchasing this brush, you can check the reviews so that you may choose the right one for your cat or puppy.

It’s also a good idea to bathe your pets regularly. If you have a dog, playtime in the yard helps burn pent up energy, but it can get muddy sometimes. Put an extra rag by the entrance and gently clean their feet before they enter the house. This will reduce the amount of dirt and muck they drag in. Many dogs will quickly pick up on this practice and wait patiently for a customary foot cleaning every time they come inside.

Clean Up Pet Waste Right Away

If your cat or dog spills or urinates on your couch, you should stop everything you might be doing and get the enzymatic cleanser. The easiest method to prevent liquids from soaking into the cloth is to act quickly. This is also one of your best lines of defense against your pet dirtying the same area over and over again.

Make a Home for Your Pet

This does not imply that you need to go out and buy a new sofa just for your pet. However, if you supply them with a cozy pet bed, you might be pleased to learn that they prefer it over your couch.

If they don’t seem interested, make it a safe place for them by providing them with a bone or a nice toy to chew on and praise them when they decide to settle down on the bed.

Take Another Look at the Bathroom Issue

This is an action you need to do if you have a problem with soiling on your furniture. A cat’s litter box should be in a private area, and dogs should be let out on a frequent basis.

If accidents occur despite good training and preparation, you should take your pet to the veterinarian to make sure there are no potential health conditions causing the accidents.

Redirect Scratching & Provide Adequate Stimulation

Even the most devoted cat lover might get irritated by their cats sticking their claws where they don’t belong. To divert this natural instinct, consider putting a cat scratcher beside any furniture. This will help keep your cat from scratching up your couch or chairs. Ensure that you praise your cats or provide them with a snack when they utilize the scratcher.

Aside from that, your pets are less likely to damage your furnishings if they have outlets for their natural habits. If you have a cat, providing it with a solid scratching bar isn’t enough. You also need to provide it with accessibility to a window so that it can view the outdoors. Dogs require daily exercise and access to toys to play with. This attention and a good reward for your pets may deter them from destroying your furniture.

Set Some Limits

It’s a good idea to keep your pets away from certain furniture, especially furniture that is valuable or has been passed down through the years. There are several creative ways to keep your pets away from these pieces of furniture. For example, you could use a can of pressurized air and blow it straight towards your pet. The noise and sudden blast of air should be enough to frighten them away, and they’ll eventually learn to stay away.. You can also use certain scents and to discourage chewing on your upholstery or table legs. Whatever strategy you try, when deciding the best course of action to keep pets away from your specific furniture, ensure it will not harm them.

Also, be consistent when enforcing furniture restrictions. It will help to not confuse your pet by sometimes allowing it on forbidden furniture after you’ve established limits.

Key Takeaways

If you have pets in your home, furniture damage due to wear is unavoidable, but you can take steps to minimize issues. If you’ve had your pets for a while, you’ve likely seen all sorts of ways they can soil, damage, and otherwise cause harm to even the most sturdy pieces of furniture. Luckily with the simple pet precautions we outlined above, you can evade some of the damage from your pets and enjoy your heirloom furniture for generations to come.

If you’re looking for sturdy solid wood furniture that can withstand your pets better than much of the furniture on the market, come visit Amish Oaks in San Antonio or New Braunfels to find the perfect pieces for your home!


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