Care Tips For High Quality Furniture

Families collect high quality, solid wood furniture for many reasons; its beauty, its comfort, its longevity, and so much more. Well-made pieces like Amish furniture are made to last and can even become family heirlooms to be enjoyed for generation after generation.

When you choose high quality furniture that you expect to enjoy for decades, you probably want to know a few basic tips for caring for it through the years. If you’ve chosen Amish furniture, you’ll find that these pieces need very minimal care and will often remain as stunning as the day you brought them home without having to give them more than an occasional dusting.

Amish furniture is built to be much more durable than mass produced furniture. Because of this you won’t have to worry nearly as much about dust causing damage, such as the micro scratches it can leave on less sturdy furniture.

However, no one likes looking at dusty furniture as the presence of dust can dull the natural shine of hardwood furniture pieces. The solution is simple: occasionally dust your furniture to remove any dust that may accumulate.

How often may vary. Homes with pets may require dusting more often. If your furniture is used daily, such as hardwood dining chairs, dust may not accumulate as much as on the top of a headboard.

A good rule of thumb is to dust your furniture around once a week. You can start with this and adjust how often you need to dust as needed. We recommend using Guardsman® Dusting Cloths since these are made specifically for solid wood furniture.

You may want to give your solid wood Amish furniture a more thorough cleaning occasionally over the years. For example, many homeowners like to give their furniture a quick touch up before guests come over for the holidays or other special occasions.

If you’d like to give your Amish furniture a little extra love with a thorough cleaning, we recommend gently wiping down your furniture with a cloth dampened with just water. This is a great and safe tool for cleaning hardwood Amish furniture. It can also be done quickly and easily using Guardsman® Deep Clean Purifying Wood Cleaner. Simply give your furniture a spray and wipe it off using a soft cloth.

This gentle spray is made just for wood furniture and can be used anytime. It easily removes dirt and oils, even on furniture that is used daily, without leaving streaks.

Proactive Care
Put simply, Amish furniture is some of the highest quality furniture available. It is made to be beautiful and to stay that way for generations. Because of its careful construction and the time-tested woodworking techniques used, Amish furniture requires very little proactive care to keep it looking new and lustrous, even with daily use.

These pieces are made from high quality solid wood and stained multiple times to ensure that the furniture is as scratch resistant as possible. It is also made to withstand occasional spills.

However, it’s still a good idea to give your furniture some extra protection where you can. Use a coaster for glasses or warm mugs if possible. You can also use placemats to put under dinnerware if you want to be extra careful.

Finding the Perfect Furniture For Your Home
Looking for furniture that will last a lifetime? Visit Amish Oak in Texas at either of our New Braunfels or San Antonio furniture stores to see a wide variety of handcrafted Amish furniture. These pieces are all created by Amish builders using woodworking techniques passed down through generations of Amish carpenters. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect piece for your home!

If you’re looking for and Amish oak table or other hardwood furniture, consider viewing our furniture collections to see what we can offer.


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