Caring for Glass Surfaces on Furniture

The use of Glass as a furniture component and a decorative element has grown steadily throughout the years. Glass is beautiful and easy to clean thoroughly, so it has been a choice material for use in accenting furniture for decades. It is also a very hygienic furnishing material. However, it is fragile and can be broken if it receives a forceful enough impact. In this article, we discuss how to care for the glass surfaces on your household furniture.

Make Sure to Clean and Polish your Furniture as Needed

Glass furniture may last a long time, and its structural integrity is preserved if cleaned routinely. Keeping a clean glass surface requires cleaning to remove the dust that collects over time. Glass furniture will maintain its glossy finish and be less likely to get scratched if it is dusted/ polished routinely.

Keep Heavy and Sharp Items Away from Glass Surfaces

One way of ensuring the protection of your glass surfaces is ensuring that you do not place heavy or sharp items on or near the glass surface itself. Because Glass is brittle, no matter how thick or hardened it is, it can still be scratched, chipped, cracked, or in the worst case, shattered. Even if you place an item on a glass surface temporarily, there is still a risk it can scratch the glass. Avoid putting metal things on glass furniture at all costs, because hard enough metal can scratch glass very easily. Soft metals such as aluminum are okay and will not scratch glass.

Cleaning Your Glass Furniture without the Use of Rough Cloth or Cleanser

Using a damp piece of cotton or microfiber towel, you can easily clean your glass furniture and eliminate all the dirt and dust. Spray a glass cleaner over the cotton or microfiber towel and wipe in circular motions covering the whole surface of the glass. It’s always better to spray the product onto the towel rather than the surface itself so you can ensure not to damage any wood or other materials that the glass may be embedded into. You’ll see that the cotton towel attracts the dust, and the glass cleaner helps shine the glass and remove gunk or stains. If you want to wash away from the face of your glass furniture, avoid using an abrasive cloth or detergent.

Do not Slide Glass Furniture in Order to Move it

This is a critical piece of advice if you want to keep your glass furniture free of scratches, cracks, and other blemishes. Moving glass furniture around your office or house requires lifting it into the air first to ensure that it is not scratched or banged on anything that may crack it.

Don’t use Paper Towels!

It is a common practice to use paper towels when cleaning glass surfaces. Who doesn’t want to just clean up their glass and then easily throw the dirty rag away? Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually better to wipe your glass surfaces with a microfiber cloth or a cotton towel.

Use Newspaper

Using the tried-and-true method is unbeatable. This practice dates back to olden times. Using a newspaper to clean your Glass can leave it sparkling clean. Hardened stains, oily markings, and water residue can all be removed with it. For this reason, if you have any old newspapers lying about, use them to clean your glass tables and mirrors.

In Conclusion

Glass furniture may last a long time provided it is cleaned and cared for consistently. Glass makes a beautiful accent on handmade Amish Furniture. Ensuring you know the right tips and tricks can keep your glass surfaces looking shiny and new for all the years to come!


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