Choosing the Right Desk for Your Home Office

The comfortability of your home office desk creates a better working environment that is essential for a smoother productive workday. As working from home is becoming more common, you might need to purchase a suitable desk for your home office to complete your work comfortably. However, choosing the wrong desk might make your workday a little less enjoyable. Below we’ll look at some factors to consider when choosing the perfect desk for your home office.

What Type of Desk Do You Need?

If you’ll spend most of your day on your computer at your desk, it makes sense to select a desk with enough space for a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Ideally, your desk can have separate compartments for your keyboard and your computer tower or laptop.

If most of your work is centered around paperwork, a desk with a large surface for writing and shelves to hold papers, writing utensils, and other essentials may be your best bet. If you do a combination of computer work and paperwork, you might want to consider an L-shaped or U-shaped desk if you have the space for it.

With so many variants of desk styles, it’s important to be deliberate and decide exactly what you’re looking for, whether you need a lot of space to work, a lot of space for storage, or a combination of both.

What Size Desk Do You Need?

On the topic of space, it’s important to decide where in your office your desk will go, and to know how much space you have to work with. Once you know the maximum size desk you can accommodate without cramping your space, it’ll be easier to narrow down your options. A desk that’s too small may be inconvenient when it comes to holding all of the items and equipment you need for productive work, but a desk that’s too large can make your office feel cramped, so it’s a delicate balance.

Complement Your Interior

In addition to the desk type and size, you’ll also want to look for a desk that fits well with the overall look of your office. If you have dark bookshelves and dark furniture, a darker wood may be the best fit. If you’re going for a lighter look or contrast, there are plenty of beautiful light woods to choose from. 

Consider Your Budget

Your budget is also important to keep in mind when you start looking for your new home office desk. Big, sturdy, well-built desks will likely not be inexpensive, but they’re a great investment. While you may save some money on a lower-quality desk, a high-end desk can last you a lifetime. Not only is timeless design always in style, well-built furniture can be passed down as an heirloom. When furniture is built right, it can last for a very long time, so keep that in mind when setting your budget.


If you find yourself working from homewhether for yourself, for your job, or during the evenings after you leave the office, having a comfortable and functional home office is crucial. Having the perfect desk suited for your needs is of utmost importance, so it’s worth taking the time to decide exactly what you need before making your decision. Once you have your requirements and budget lined out, the process becomes much easier; you can go into your local furniture store and find exactly what you need. If you’re looking for high-quality furniture in the New Braunfels or San Antonio area, be sure to visit Amish Oak to find some of the highest quality desks and furniture available.


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