Designing Your Home for Gatherings: Living Room & Back Yard

All of us need to socialize and interact, and we truly benefit from being around family and friends. While not all of us may be extroverted, spending time with friends and loved ones is something that everyone needs from time to time.

One of the best ways to enjoy time with friends and loved ones is to host them at your home, so it’s worth putting in some thought and effort when it comes to how your home is furnished. More than just hosting guests, your home should be comfortable and enjoyable when you’re simply relaxing by yourself. Fortunately, well-designed rooms throughout your home can satisfy both scenarios!

Designing Your Living Room
The right furniture is key to getting a setup that you can be happy with in your home. Your living room is likely the most versatile room in your home, so it can be hard to imagine exactly what your main use case will be. For this reason, it’s important that your living room has a warm and inviting atmosphere, and to ensure that it provides an easy way for guests to focus on each other and whatever activities may be going on.

End tables are great for ease of access when hosting and preparing food, and serve to break up empty space in an aesthetically pleasing way. A coffee table can be a great way to tie a living room together, but an ottoman can serve just as well while providing some extra storage space.

Whatever you choose, your seating area should be built around this and not just your TV! A wraparound couch is a great choice here, as it can allow for lounging or for more people. Chairs can serve to naturally close the area off, while also offering additional seating.

If you have bay windows, a small serving table and a few lounging chairs can be a great way to entertain a guest or two. Even if you don’t have bay windows, an area off to the side with some chairs and a small table can be a great choice if you don’t want to make use of your dining room or if you don’t want everyone sprawled out on couches.

Cabinets, display cases and art should match well with the furniture, and can serve as objects of focus to direct attention to certain direction areas, and can show off your personality and taste. Consider options such as full-height bookcases lining a back wall, a china cabinet or a shelving storage with mementos from trips you can proudly display.

Designing Your Backyard & Patio
For designing your backyard and patio, first you should close your eyes and try to imagine what your ideal use of the area would be. If you have a pool, it might be laying out in the sun with a good book and having some tables to gather around to eat after grilling.

For others, it might mean having rocking chairs that you can relax in while enjoying a comfortable view of the sunset. A porch swing can also be a great option, as it naturally extends itself to happy conversation and unwinding.

The best outdoor furniture should provide you with the comfort and convenience you need while still looking good enough to last through years of use. If you’re planning on spending time outdoors during warmer months, consider investing in patio umbrellas or ceiling fans. These will help keep you cool without sacrificing style!

If you can’t quite envision how you can best utilize your backyard, it can be helpful to start with the basics. Cleaning up the area and adding in areas of visual separation–if you have the space to do so–can help make your decisions come easier.

There’s No Right or Wrong Way
Whatever you decide to do, just remember that there’s no right or wrong way to design your home. You can choose any variety of color choices, patterns and styles, and even add elements like fire pits, hot tubs and other fun features out back. Just make sure whatever you pick works within your budget and fits your lifestyle.

Do keep in mind that quality furniture goes a long way to making a home more comfortable, and the right furniture can last you a lifetime. Even better, the right furniture can be passed down through your family for generations to come! If you’re looking for furniture of the highest quality, be sure to visit Amish Oak in Texas at our New Braunfels or San Antonio locations to find the perfect options to furnish your home.


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