How the Wood for Amish Furniture is Sourced & Processed

The Amish are a prevalent people group living in the American heartlands. The Amish approach life in a unique way that emphasizes a strong cultural grounding which also makes them renowned for their alternative approach to life and its challenges. Quality Amish furniture has a reputation for its unique aesthetics, durability, and customizability. Consequently, people looking for unique and sturdy furniture find handmade Amish furniture quite appealing.

You can choose between different products ranging from coffee tables, dining sets, outdoor patios, etc. The Amish strongly believes in craftsmanship and attention to detail. Most of their products are hand-made with minimal reliance on machines and other technological developments. That traditional approach is partly why the products have such a high reputation among homeowners, interior designers, and home improvement enthusiasts.

Is Amish Furniture Made from Solid Wood?

Most Amish furniture products are made from solid oak hardwoods although you might also find other designs made from cherry wood and other different wood types. The products feature an intriguing rustic appearance complemented by a stylish varnish finish that makes Amish products appealing and in high demand among those looking to purchase furniture for their home or business.

Solid wood products are highly durable with unique decorations and traits. You might also notice differences in wood color and patterns on individual wood pieces which are attributed to distinct wood grain blends. Amish furniture ranges from laid-back, vintage to modern looks that are ideal for your bedroom, home library, study room, and on outdoor spaces. Solid wood crafts mostly feature a clean cut with additional refinement processes ensuring you only get the best quality pieces. You can also opt for unique custom designs on your products for a more personalized feel.

Amish furniture undergoes a rigorous sourcing and processing process to ensure adherence to environmental regulations. Most Amish furniture products are made from mature wood that is harvested sustainably to ensure that the source of the wood is not an issue for environmentally conscious customers. A deeper look into Amish craftsmanship details the following:


The process is plain and straightforward for most people. First, you make an order to an Amish furniture store.  You can find different stores online or by visiting some brick-mortar establishments that major in the service. The order is then sent to a wood workshop that specializes in Amish furniture designs. The store then verifies the order and begins working on the custom-made product as soon as possible. If you are not ordering a custom-made product, you can ensure that the pieces at your local Amish furniture store have been handcrafted ethically and with superior craftsmanship, exactly as a custom piece would be produced. In many cases, the buyer is an Amish furniture store, so they will communicate with the Amish artisans about the number of each item they would like to purchase, making sure to keep the numbers of each item low, because Amish furniture is not mass produced and is designed to be bespoke.


Sourcing starts the moment your wood workshop receives the order and verifies it. Unlike other designs, Amish furniture pieces take time to complete. The workshop has to choose the wood type and consider critical aspects of the furniture piece including the grain formations, color, thickness, and other variations that suit your needs.

Wood Preparation

The product-building process starts as soon as the materials are ready. a critical part of the furniture building process relates to wood drying. Freshly cut wood must undergo a rigorous drying process to reduce warping once the internal moisture levels decrease substantially.

Once the wood is ready, it is cut into shape, measured, and expertly crafted according to the buyer’s specifications. Some of the more innovative techniques might include steam bending for chairs, glue-up panels for solid tables, and additional innovations for table legs and more customized furniture pieces. Some workshops use routers, cutters, and gasoline powered machines to speed up order deliveries and allow for more clean and accurate cuts, but you can also find other workshops with a more traditional approach and still rely on good-old hand craftsmanship, but orders take longer to be received.

Construction And Assembly

Individual furniture pieces are then sanded with additional customizations such as ebony layering added through the latter stage of the job. The craftsman takes care to bring out the unique features of the wood grain, curves, and flat surfaces for an appealing final product.

Once the individual pieces are ready, the next stage is assembly. Individual pieces are brought together and assembled using glue, nails, etc. Most of the assembly involves some form of trial and error whereas, unlike machine-made products, there is always some re-shaping necessary before the final product is ready.


Amish furniture can be found in a number of different types of finishes. Some people prefer a light varnish to complement the wood’s original color while others prefer using stains to better highlight wood grain patterns on the wood. Another everyday activity during the finishing stage is distressing where an artisan employs several techniques to give wood a more rustic appearance. Some of the more popular forms of distressing include hand planning, sandblasting, etc. Distressing wood is an art that requires a steady hand and careful eye to bring out the best designs in the furniture pieces. The artisan can also include additional pieces such as brackets, handles, and drawers to complement the product before getting it ready for delivery.


The delivery process is straightforward. The artisans will coordinate with the buyer for a pickup time. If it is a custom order for a single buyer, the buyer can opt to pick it up from the store that it was purchased at or have it delivered to their home. If the order is for a business that sells Amish furniture, there will be a delivery date set for the newly crafted pieces to be delivered to the store and placed on the show floor, ready to be sold and taken to their new home.

What Makes Amish Furniture Designs So Unique

Amish furniture products are a unique collection to have within your space. The products feature high-quality wood that can be customized to suit personal preferences. Another aspect of Amish furniture designs relates to their reliance on time-tested and proven techniques in wood preparation, and design and reliance on the natural traits of different wood pieces to complement the product’s overall design.

The furniture designs are popular across many American households owing to their ability to readily integrate with different house designs. You can also choose from a variety of products depending on your needs. Besides, despite their reliance on wood as a primary construction material, the Amishs’ conservative lifestyle helps protect the environment and ensures that only mature and eco-friendly harvesting techniques are employed during wood harvesting.


Amish furniture pieces are here to stay. The people have a strong tradition and belief in their ability to make quality items with little reliance on machinery to achieve their final beautifully crafted products. Some people still appreciate the craftsmanship and artisanship employed by the Amish woodworkers. There is also a growing appeal towards furniture made from natural wood as opposed to mass-produced synthetic products considering that the latter has little effort employed into the production process and uses materials that are bad for the longevity of the environment. Interested persons can choose from the numerous Amish stores available online for the best deals and product catalogs. Although the products might have a higher price than other wood-based furniture designs, they are durable and worth the money spent.


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