How to Decorate the Surfaces in Your Home

Most people have a specific design aesthetic they really enjoy and want to bring into their homes in one way or another. Whether it be floral accents, candles, printed art or something else entirely, most people want their homes to reflect who they are and what makes them happy. A great way to do this is by adding decorative table accent pieces throughout your home.

Room Size

When it comes to picking decorative items to place on the wooden furniture in your home, the size of the room can have a big impact on what works in the particular space.

Small Rooms

Decorative accent pieces such as table scatter vases and decorative candle holders are perfect for small tables in small rooms. Small, eye-catching decorations are the best way to add some flair without making smaller rooms feel cluttered.

Larger Rooms

In larger rooms such as living rooms or dining rooms, centerpieces can look great on tables.

Centered on the dining table, an eye-catching centerpiece is an elegant way to bring the room together. The centerpiece can be anything from a small bowl of fruit or flowers to a vase with a candle inside. Whatever you choose for your centerpiece should have some kind of contrast with the rest of the room, such as color or texture; this will make your table stand out.

Larger items can be used to decorate in larger spaces, which also gives you a lot more options when it comes to décor.


Table accents are a stylish way to make a room feel more comfortable, but they can also serve a functional purpose. By adding things such as wicker baskets to hold napkins, or decorative coasters, you can add chic and elegance to your home while also making it more functional.

Different Textures

When it comes to choosing the right table accents for your home, there is no end to the possibilities. You can choose from a wide variety of materials such as glass, crystal, metal and ceramic; each of which has its own look and feel. Different shapes and compositions can add taste to the surfaces in your home and impress guests.

Pops of Color

A small table decor piece such as a clock, lamp, or vase can be used to create an accent in any room of the house. They are an affordable way to add a pop of color, enhance your home’s style and make your guests feel welcome. Decorative pieces come in a variety of materials and colors to suit every taste.


Once you have purchased well-made wooden furniture for your home, the best way to really bring a new level of interest and elegance to your home is to decorate the furniture to match your unique style and taste.

Choosing decorations and accent pieces to place on the new furniture in your home can be a way to reflect your personality and to add to the overall enjoyment of your new furniture. Taking a visit to home décor stores and just browsing the shelves for things that stick out to your design aesthetic can be a great place to start!


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