Ideas to Decorate Your Home with an Amish Theme

The concept of Amish home decor design is coming into style in recent years. The Amish are known for the simplicity of their lifestyle and homes. This simplicity is reflected in the style of their furnishings and home décor accents. You can enhance the charm of your home by using Amish-style furnishings and accessories. Amish furniture is known for being attractively and traditionally crafted. Amish decor has increasingly caught the fancy of people because of these reasons. You can turn your home into an Amish-inspired space by following a few of these simple ideas.

1. Install Hardwood floors

The Amish are known for their love of wood. They use wood in every room of their homes, including the furniture and cabinets. Wooden flooring is the first step to creating a wonderful Amish-themed home. This will give your home the rustic effect of the Amish homes. Hardwood floors have made a strong comeback over the past few years. Because Amish artisans are known for their woodworking skills, many prefer hardwood floors with an Amish theme. Hardwood floors make your home warm and inviting. It is a perfect base for your Amish theme.

2. Quilts in the Living Room

Imagine a cozy room with warm earth-tone fabrics and a decorative quilt. This is a look that is popular throughout the country. Many homes are decorated with Amish-inspired quilts in the living room. Decorating with a traditional Amish quilt is a great way to give your home an Amish feeling. The soft fabrics and gentle colors of a quilt made for a comfortable and relaxing home. If you are trying to create an Amish theme in your home, a quilt is a perfect option. You can even buy a quilt from an Amish store to be truer to the Amish theme.

3. Wall Art

There are many Amish-inspired wall art pieces available. Painting the walls in your home a warm color and hanging a simple picture adds a classic feel to your home. Amish-inspired wall art comes in many different styles and themes and can fit any décor. In addition, you can choose to take a picture that is already hanging in your home and have an Amish artisan recreate it on canvas.

Amish-inspired wall art is a great way to decorate your home without spending money. You can find great pieces in both Amish stores and online, or you can choose to have a custom piece created just for your home.

4. Decorative Pillows

Amish-inspired pillows are another great way to decorate your home with Amish style. Decorative pillows can be found in Amish stores, but they are also easy to find online. By shopping online, you can find an incredible variety of Amish-inspired pillows. In addition to Amish-inspired pillows, you can also find Amish-inspired wall art and other Amish-inspired household items.

5. Color Scheme

The best part about decorating your home with an Amish-inspired theme is that the simple, classic design works with any color palette. By using warm and welcoming colors in your home, you can create a homey and comfortable atmosphere in an Amish-inspired theme. Because the Amish style is so classic and rich in detail, it brings a sense of peace and calmness to any room, no matter what color it is painted.

Key Takeaway

Using these five tips will help you create a home that reflects your personal style and taste as inspired by Amish design. You can choose to make all of your adjustments in one room or throughout your entire home. The possibilities are endless!


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