Is Your Living Room Small? Here’s How to Maximize Its Space

Your living room is an essential area of your house and can be used to entertain company, watch television, read a book, and relax. Many living rooms are on the smaller side, so it’s important to maximize the available space so you can enjoy the area without feeling cramped. Here are some tips on using your small living room effectively.

How to Maximize the Space of a Small Living Room

1. Properly Sized Furniture

Select furniture that fits your space. The size of your living room will determine the furniture you can place there. If you have a small living room, it is best to opt for a smaller couch or loveseat, one or two chairs, a side table, and a small TV stand (or mount your TV on the wall). If you’re really tight on space, consider using only one or two pieces of furniture to make the room feel more open.

2. Lighting

Use different types of lighting to show off various aspects of the room. Lighting has a powerful impact on our moods and feelings, and the proper lighting can make us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout our home. Utilizing natural light and experimenting with different lighting techniques for your living room can help you create a more open-feeling and functional space.

3. Minimalistic Décor

Keep the décor minimalistic. Fewer accessories and decorations are more effective in saving space. A few accents here and there will allow you to create the ideal living room without cluttering the area. Hang a few paintings or photos across your walls to add some personality to your room, but try not to overdo it—too much going on can lead to your space feeling small and cramped.

4. Wall Hangings & Dividers

Use wall hangings as dividers that can divide open spaces effectively. Wall hangings can be hung in semi-circular partitions in your living room, which can separate your space a bit or add privacy to adjoining rooms, depending on how you arrange them. When done properly, it can create a feeling of tidiness and organization, which can make the overall area feel bigger than it is.

5. Functional Furniture

Use furniture that can be used in multiple ways. A table with drawers or extra space underneath can allow you to store items for easy access and reduce clutter. An ottoman can be a great foot rest, and can also double as storage. Some chairs have storage space in the arms where you can store remotes, books, and other small items. Maximizing the space in a small living room requires using all available surfaces as storage when possible, and fortunately there’s a lot of furniture that is designed to help maximize your space while looking great.

6. Make Use of Wall Space

Make good use of your walls. Add a few slim, tall shelves along your walls to store and display books, decorations, and other household items. You can even create a divider wall with shelves and cabinets for extra storage, depending on your needs.

7. Simple Window Treatments

Keep the window treatments simple to ensure your living room feels as spacious as possible. Large, intricate curtains may look beautiful, but they can make a small room feel much smaller. Instead, opt for simple blinds and small shades that don’t make your room feel cramped.

Key Takeaway

If your living room is small, you can still take steps to make it feel open and spacious. With the right furniture and design choices, you can transform your small space into a functional and beautiful living room for entertaining guests and enjoying quality time with friends and family.


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