To Polish Or Not To Polish

For many homeowners, some of their prized possessions are their hardwood furniture pieces. Whether hand chosen at a local furniture store or passed down through the generations, hardwood furniture is a wonderful addition to any home. Amish furniture made from real hardwood can last for decades, maintaining its quality even during daily use. It will also retain its original appearance for years after making its place in your home. For those that adore their heirloom quality furniture, there are also a few care tips and tricks that can help keep your furniture beautiful. One of these is polishing.

What’s in Your Polish?
Before polishing your hardwood furniture, you should always check what ingredients are in the polish you’ve chosen. Some ingredients are better for use on hardwood and will really bring out the natural shine of your furniture. Others aren’t quite as beneficial. It’s simple to tell by checking the polish container. If you notice ingredients such as…

then you may want to look to consult your furniture store before use, just to be safe.

Recommendations from Furniture Stores
One of the best ways to find a great polish for your hardwood furniture is by asking your furniture store for recommendations. Furniture specialists are well acquainted with a variety of polish types and which types work best for different hardwood furniture pieces. They can also help answer questions you may have such as how to tell if your furniture is ready for new polish, and how often to polish your furniture.

These specialists are always happy to share their expertise and experiences with brands made specially for hardwood furniture. One of our favorites is Guardsman®. We can help you find the perfect polish options for your furniture from this leader in wood furniture care.

Polishing Tips
When to Polish Your Hardwood Furniture
An important part of polishing your furniture is knowing when to do so. This can depend on a variety of factors, such as how often a particular piece of furniture is used. In general, even the most well-loved pieces of furniture benefit from polishing no more than twice a year, with regular dusting in between with an appropriate, soft dusting cloth.

Where to Polish Hardwood Furniture
Depending on the furniture piece you want to polish, you may not need to attend to the entire piece. Furniture such as hardwood dining tables can benefit from having the table surface polished twice a year, but the table legs may not need polish nearly as often. Similarly, polishing the arms of hardwood chairs can help highlight their natural beauty, while the chair legs won’t need the same attention. If you’re unsure which parts of your furniture to polish, ask your local furniture store experts!

Our associates will be happy to help you find the answers you’re looking for, or assist you in finding the next perfect piece of handcrafted Amish hardwood furniture for your home.

Visit Amish Oak in Texas at either of our furniture stores in New Braunfels, and San Antonio, TX.


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