Why Your Home Needs a Hutch

Kitchens and dining rooms are the heart of many modern families, but smaller homes may not offer the space needed to get the most out of these areas. Many architects and home builders choose to minimize kitchen and dining room space to allow for more space in other rooms throughout the home.

If you enjoy cooking or entertaining guests with food, drinks, and fun, you may find that you don’t have the space you need. Between dishware, glassware, cooking utensils, and groceries, it may be difficult to store all your essentials.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for cramped cabinets and drawers or cluttered pantries. A hutch may be the perfect piece of furniture to add extra storage space while adding some style to your kitchen or dining areas. Here are a few good ways you can utilize a hutch in your home!

Display Your Fine China
If you have a collection of fine china, you can show it off in beautiful ways by using a hutch that has display cabinets with glass doors. Displaying china in your kitchen hutch can really add an element of class and elegance to your kitchen or dining room. Not only will you catch visitors’ attention with your remarkable china pieces, but you can also protect your china from dust and scratches.

Display Your Collectibles
Even if you don’t have fine china you’d like to display, you may have antique cookbooks, vintage kitchen accessories, or various ornaments you might want to show off—and a hutch can be the perfect place to display these collectibles. A well-adorned hutch can add a unique feel to your kitchen or dining room that’s sure to make the room cozier.

Keep Your Kitchen Tidy
If you’re not interested in showing off your collection of fine plates and glasses or your collectibles, a hutch can help free up space in your cabinets by providing extra storage for your plates, glasses, or even appliances. This is especially useful if your home has a small kitchen. If you or anyone in your home enjoys cooking, you already know how fast you can run out of space in your cabinets. Between various pots, pans, serving platters, and more, it’s easy to struggle to find room for all your kitchenware. A pantry can give you plenty of extra space you can utilize to keep your cabinets and counters clutter-free.

Expand Your Pantry Space
Having too many groceries and not enough space for them in your pantry can be a problem (a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless). Instead of cramming more cans, boxes, packets, and assorted food items into your pantry, consider using your hutch to store some of your food items to help keep your pantry free of clutter.

Add a Hutch to Your Home
If you need more space or want a way to show off some of your dishes, glassware, or collectibles, a hutch may be the perfect piece of furniture for you. Hutches come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer different combinations of cabinets, drawers, and shelves that you can utilize to maximize space and declutter your kitchen and dining room.

Solid wood kitchen hutches are elegant, and they make quite a statement when utilized correctly. Amish Oak in Texas offers a variety of hutch styles to choose from. From hutches with two to four doors, glass doors, servers, wine racks, and various configurations of drawers, you’re sure to find the perfect hutch for your home.


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