Why Amish-Made Kids Furniture is a Great Choice for Your Children

Creating a home of your own is exciting and magical, but the choices available in décor, furniture, and art can leave you feeling overwhelmed. This is especially true if you have children and need to deck out their rooms with furniture that will last through the years as they get older. Unlike toys and clothing, children’s furniture doesn’t need to be a cheap investment they’ll outgrow in a few years’ time. If you choose quality Amish-made furniture for their rooms, they’ll have pieces they can grow up with and keep into their adult lives—and maybe even pass them down to kids of their own.

Below are a few reasons why Amish-made furniture is great for your children’s room:

There’s No Need for Modifications

Chances are if you picked up a piece of furniture from the store, it was probably made in a factory. Yes, factories have people who help maintain these pieces, which includes painting them or making repairs. What they do not have is a family that will make their furniture according to your specifications. If you choose Amish-made furniture, you can order a custom-made piece that will fit your child’s exact needs.

It’ll Hold Up to Wear and Tear

The Amish make furniture that will last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation. They assemble their furniture using only the finest materials and work with local professionals who know their business and who have an understanding of the value of time and quality of workmanship. This craftsmanship and durability are important for furniture to withstand high-energy kids!

Your Kids Will Find a Style They Love

The Amish have designed a wide selection of furniture for children’s rooms, including beds and dressers. With a wide selection of styles and color options, every child can find their very own style. And contrary to popular belief, Amish furniture doesn’t just come in rustic, old-timey styles kids will find boring. There are plenty of modern and trendy styles to choose from that your kids will love!

It’s Built to Last for Generations

Because the Amish use only the highest quality materials, their furniture will last a lifetime, unlike other furniture that can be bought at the store. Since they use only solid wood for their pieces, they will not warp or crack. And for upholstered pieces, the Amish use genuine leather to ensure their pieces will last. This all translates to furniture that your children can grow up with and pass down to kids of their own when the time comes.

It’s Wonderfully Customizable

You can customize each piece with different wood, finish, and fabric options, and you can even have monograms made on some pieces. Amish furniture is very customizable and will fit the needs of any home.

It’s Easy to Clean

Because Amish furniture is made to last a lifetime, it is purposefully built to be cleaned easily. In addition to being made with solid wood, every piece is made with high-quality materials, which means you will have ease of cleaning. With all the care that we take in building each piece, these pieces will be able to take on all the abuse kids might throw their way.

It’s Safe and Promotes Good Health

It is important to have furniture that helps children learn and grow in a safe environment. Because Amish furniture doesn’t use plywood, particle board, MDF, or wood veneers, it is free of toxic glues and binding agents that could be harmful to your child’s respiratory health. And because Amish furniture is sturdy, you won’t need to worry about it breaking and causing injury. By having Amish-made furniture in your home, you are ensuring that your child has a high-quality, healthy life.

Key Takeaway

With sturdy, heirloom-quality designs built to stand the test of time, Amish furniture is the perfect way to make sure you buy the last pieces of furniture your children will need. And with a wide selection of design options, you’re sure to find a style that excites them! Invest in your children’s future by choosing quality Amish-made furniture for their rooms.


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